Friday, December 30, 2011

come here my baby, (2012) (Y)

hyehye^^ today is 12/31/2011. means, today is the last day for me be a FORM4 student. I just shock about that. HAHA. I talk to myself, 'of course, This is the reality' :). HEHE. hey, you just say GOOD BYE to 2011 and MOST WELCOME to 2012. everyone must have a new determination. okay ! start now(walking to the straight path)!!!!!!!!! Next day, I will be a FORM5 student. A senior of my secondary school and my beloved hostel. hewhew :D. I want to be a good and great girl. also I want a glory and greatness result for me bombastic examination. I must acceptance that I sit for SPM. just think what happen to my parents reaction when I get a sadness result???hurmm. So, I have to work smart to get the best judgement in SPM. HEHE. you also can pray for my success okay?:). to my parents: thank you for everything. I will do the best!!! urmm. okay, I have a big problem now. there is a GIANT PIMPLE on my face. I think it happen because I'm so stress for the exam. HAHA. #assumptions trash!!! just ignore me if you feel weird, okay??? HAHA. actually, working on a task that I think is of little importance. it is folio BAHASA MELAYU. crazy work, because I take too long day to finish it. HAHA. you know, it because I'm a lazy person. So, today I swear myself to throw my lazy in the dustbin and be a hardworking girl for 2012 and forever. I think I can. amin ~ . okay, thats all. byebye^^

Monday, December 26, 2011

happy anniversary my sweet heart :)

Hi :) . picture above is me okay ? the cute cute and cute and really really cute person . HEHE . I just want to borrow your ear to hear my story telling . HAHA . just hear okay ?? urmm . SANTA-CLAUS-DAY is my mother and father anniversary day . HUHU . so , all my family tree member want to make something no other you know ? SO , they had a good idea . they discuss and FAMILY DAY was conducted yesterday . HAHA . activities are most interesting and fun . actually , I not join it , because I have some work to do . HEHE . you want to know , hey ! very tired work as a house keeping . haiyoO . yesterday , I just try to get some experience . hurmmmm . I think that day is the first day and last day , maybe !! HAHA . just wish me work again soon . HEHEHE :) . urmm . okay !! just regret I not have a chance to join FAMILY DAY because of the rubbish work . HAHA ( giggle now ) ,, just the bad thing is very tired and collar to finished all work in short time . haiyoO . U just think what I feel . damn stress . HAHA . and today , I feel free . just say to me 'MERDEKA' . eh , just wait . I think we talk now not a topic . HAHA . okay . I want to wish HAPPY DAY to my beloved parents even the day already past . HEHE . this day I and all my family tree still at HOTEL . all my niece and nephew , aunt and uncle , maybe check out tomorrow . just I not feel stay in HOTEL because its at my state . HAHA . U just laugh me okay . but , I don't think want to holiday this year , because I had a big problem in next year . I must sit for BOMBASTIC SPM EXAMINATION . haishhh ! just wish me success for my future . I want to be a surgent one day , okay ? HEHE . amin amin amin amin amin amin ~ HUHU . I try my best :)